The Right Time is Now

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this seemingly distant image of Maigan 2.0 in my head. The version of myself that eats healthy, drinks enough water, gets enough sleep, and does all kinds of other magical goal accomplishing. I’ve built up this perfect version of myself and made little to no effort […]

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What My Cat Taught Me About Being Present

If you’re anything like me, your mind is constantly running. From an internal to do list, to cringing over awkward moments in my past, to constant planning and worrying over my future. I just can’t seem to get my brain to shut up. We spend so much time worrying about every aspect of life, but […]

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How To Actually Accomplish Your Goals

It’s that time of year again! The time of shiny new goals to accomplish for this year, excitement and drive to pursue the things we care about, and a belief that we can finally become who we say we want to. Something about the resetting of the year gives us this feeling that we too […]

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

Before 2018 started, I had never even heard the term “self-limiting behavior”. Throughout the course of the year, I started hearing it in various books and TV shows and decided to dig a little deeper. Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about quitting your job and traveling the world, and then an ugly little voice […]

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Are You Really Doing Your Best?

While I’ve been trying my hardest to ride this awesome wave of optimism off into the sunset, I found myself slipping back into all of my old doubts and negative feelings lately. A lot of thoughts about how I’ll never make the money I need to save up and move out of state, live the […]

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The Revelation

I am not a positive person.  I do not see the glass half full, and I do not look on the bright side of things.  Anything that can go wrong usually will, and we’re all going to die one day, so what’s the point?

This has been my mindset for as long as I can possibly remember.

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