Get Out Of Your Own Way

Before 2018 started, I had never even heard the term “self-limiting behavior”.

Throughout the course of the year, I started hearing it in various books and TV shows and decided to dig a little deeper.

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about quitting your job and traveling the world, and then an ugly little voice pops up saying, “you’ll never be able to earn enough money,” or “you have too many responsibilities.”

Or have you ever vowed to start going to the gym, 100% committed to this being the time that you stick to it and finally reach your goals, only to find yourself on the couch two weeks later, the treadmill a distant memory?

That’s what I mean by self-limiting behavior.

Maybe it’s a fear of failure, or a feeling that you’re not worthy of success, but for one reason or another, your subconcious can be scared or unprepared for you to take certain risks or leaps of faith.

Your subconcious would rather have you stay in your comfort zone and never try, rather than take a chance and possibly fail, so it makes excuses to keep you in your warm, happy, little bubble.

This sounds bad, but really it’s just trying to keep you safe.  The problem with being safe, is that it’s not really the best place for growth.

Sometimes to elevate yourself to a higher level in any capacity, you have to step outside of yourself and take a risk that may not always work out.

Sometimes you have to lose to win, but how do you conciously allow yourself to take that risk?

The first step is the realization of your own self-limiting behaviors.

Look out for the little spot of negativity that sticks it’s nose in, just when you’re starting to dream.

Pay attention to the rationalizations you tell yourself to not chase your goals.

The second step is actively trying to stop yourself from self-limiting.

That means following up your negative thoughts with something a little more motivational.  Tell that ugly little dream crusher voice to take a hike, because it’s your time to shine.

Keep reminding yourself of your goals and dreams, and use them to bring yourself to action.

Do you want to keep talking about who you want to be, or do you want to actually be that person?

The last step is just keeping yourself in check, and reflecting on your behaviors a little more closely.

You know what you want out of life.  You may not know the entire path to getting there, but you most likely know at least the first step.

All you need to do is take that first step, and you’ll be suprised how the next steps start to appear before you.

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on something like this, and to challenge yourself to move past these behaviors and accomplish to goals that you want set forth for the upcoming year.

Let me know in the comments what your goals for this year are!


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