The Little Things

Every day there are so many things that we seem to tune out.

Things that seem so small and insignificant that we pass them by without a second thought.

Something about mindfulness that has really struck me, is how much it helps you pay attention to and appreciate the little things in life.

For example, I was driving to work yesterday and listening to music on the way.  For a moment I turned up my music and really listened.  I noticed all the different instruments, and how they were timed together to make a specific and individual beat.  I noticed all the layers of vocals and how they intertwined in the most beautiful way.  Finally I thought about the artist actually in the booth, singing their heart out and recording it with the hopes of sharing it with the world.

A huge team of people worked for days or weeks for me to have three minutes of entertainment.  

Recognizing all of the hard work and dedication that went into making just that one song was a wild moment for me, and opened up a world of appreciation that I had never tapped into.

Now whenever I listen to music, I enjoy it so much more.

That same rule can apply to anything in your life when you take a moment to stop and look around.  And I mean anything.

Thinking about the little things in terms of the planet and it’s well-being may include remembering to bring your reusable bag to the store, or bringing your own water bottle when you go out.

Ever since I started making more of an effort to go zero waste, I’m now so much more aware of how much plastic is used on a daily basis that I never paid attention to.  I started noticing q-tips, to go sauce packets, plastic wrappers covering plastic straws, and so much more.  Because I started to be mindful of these things, I was able to actively start reducing the unnecessary plastic I was using.

Mindfulness can even bring attention to the little things in terms of how we treat and perceive the people around us.

An example of this is when you’re having a disagreement with someone on a topic that you’re both very passionate about.

At first glance it may just feel like someone is very wrong and you have to explain to them the correct side of things, but when you start to dig deeper, you realize that it’s so much more than that.  All of your knowledge, life experience, and background leads you to feel a certain way about something.  To you, that is your complete truth so you feel it is what’s right.

What you may not think about, is the same is true to the other person.  Their own unique knowledge, life experience and background leads them to believe something conflicting, yet to them it is their own complete truth.

Once you start to be mindful of the perspectives of others, it can help you to learn and grow as well as better understand where other people are coming from.  You’d be amazed how much easier communication can be when you care as much about understanding someone as you do about being understood yourself.

Today I challenge you to look at something small you may normally overlook, or a conflicting opinion you may be quick to disagree with and try to look at it a little bit more closely.

See what being mindful can do for you!

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