Are You Really Doing Your Best?

While I’ve been trying my hardest to ride this awesome wave of optimism off into the sunset, I found myself slipping back into all of my old doubts and negative feelings lately.

A lot of thoughts about how I’ll never make the money I need to save up and move out of state, live the life I’ve dreamed of, or experience everything this world has to offer.

After all the of the roadblocks I’ve been facing, it started to feel like a message from the universe.

While I was moping around, searching for some way to pull myself out of this pit of negativity, I turned to someone I look up to quite a bit for inspiration.

Dua Lipa is one of my favorite artists, and from what I’ve seen of her in interviews, and experienced at her concerts, is that she seems to be an incredibly genuine and authentic person. Those qualities are something that made me really start to look up to her.

I started watching a short documentary from more towards the beginning of her career, and some more recent interviews.

I was so astounded to hear about how she moved out of her parents house at 15 to pursue music, signed her record deal at 18, and now at 22 is nominated for two Grammy’s.

In a very short span of time, she grabbed life by the horns and made her reality into what she dreamed. She saw something for herself and set out to get it, and now is smashing even her own expectations.

In one of the videos that I watched, Dua said, “you have to work very hard for just a little bit of luck.”

That quote reminded me of what it takes to get to where you want to be, and forced me to ask myself how hard I was actually working.

Yes, I’m doing a lot to try and make my life better and take me where I want to go, but am I all in? Am I chasing my dreams in a way that tells the universe that I deserve for them to come true?

The hard pill to swallow was no, I’m not.

Being able to look at yourself and be honest about what you’re doing for yourself is something I haven’t ever been able to do.

I’m the queen of making excuses for myself, but at some point you have to want your dreams more than you want excuses.

Today I challenge you to take a close look at any and all excuses you may make for yourself, and really reflect on if they’re helping you or hurting you.

Are you the only thing holding you back from your dreams?

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