Be Your Own Hero

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to be our most amazing, badass selves.

What makes us push up our sleeves and say, “alright Universe, it’s my time to shine”?

What inspired me to start thinking like this is one of my best friends, Brandon.

When I think of chasing dreams and doing whatever it takes to get where you want to be, he’s the first person I think of.

He grew up on a small reservation in northern Wisconsin, and has faced a wide and impressive variety of struggles in his 23 years, and remains the most positive and uplifting person I know.

Brandon’s dream is to become a professional MMA fighter, and a few nights ago was his first title fight.

In his fighting career, he’s had wins, losses, and countless hours of training.

If he’s not actually fighting, he’s thinking about it, practicing, or watching videos and taking notes.

A few nights ago, I watched him walk into a cage, and win his first title belt in 21 seconds by submission.

What makes Brandon so different from most people?

He identified his dream, what it would take to get him there, and erased any and all doubt that it wouldn’t happen.

He’s always moving full speed towards his dreams, with a “when it happens” rather than “if it happens” mentality.

What exactly would happen if you chased your wildest dreams with that kind of mindset?

If you’re interested in following Brandon’s story, check him out on Instagram!

Let me know in the comments what wild dream you plan on chasing down next!

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